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PFI Safety Freediver

For experienced freedivers that have completed the PFI intermediate course, the Safety Freediver is the first step to becoming a freediving professional and teaches our students how to plan and execute safety and rescue procedures for freedivers diving beyond the limits of recreational freediving.

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Who is this course for?

The PFI Safety course provides comprehensive knowledge and skills development for all forms of freediving from recreational to competition level dives. This course is essential for those looking to either become professional educators or act as competition safety divers for high level athletes.

What will I learn?

This course will introduce knowledge and skills focused on developing you into a well-rounded and independent safety diver, capable of planning and executing safety and rescue procedures for all levels of diving. Skills that are covered include:

  • Roles and responsibilities of a safety freediver
  • Advanced safety and problem management: depth protocols, building safety teams for target dives, individual member roles, etc.
  • Counterbalance and freediver retrieval system operation and assembly
  • Problem management for specific competition disciplines
  • DCS and oxygen toxicity related issues in technical freediving and appropriate responses
  • Usage of O2 as a recovery gas in freediving

What’s in it for me?

Upon successful completion of the PFI Safety Freediver course, you may:

  • Start you journey into the world of professional freediving with the PFI Supervisor course
  • Act as a competition safety in freediving competitions all over the world
  • Be eligible to take the PFI Advanced freediver course; the final level in freediving courses

The low down

As this is the entrance into professional level courses and requires a fair amount of specialty equipment, this course is not run regularly. Contact us for specific details such as course duration, location and pricing.

Course prerequisites:

  • Minimum 18 years of age or 16 years with parental consent
  • Competent swimming skills
  • PFI Intermediate Freediver certification (or equivalent with a one-day crossover course)
  • Good health and fitness
  • FRTI First response Adult, Child & Infant emergency care certification and FRTI O2 administration certification (or equivalents)

Certifying Criteria

  • Successfully complete all the knowledge development, confined water, and open water training sessions.
  • Demonstrate mature and sound judgment concerning planning and execution.
  • Achieve a passing score of 80% on the final exam and show whole knowledge comprehension.
  • Complete all the required in-water skills at a satisfactory standard