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Travel Insurance Advisory

Travel and enjoy your adventures with a peace of mind with the purchase of eligible travel or activity specific insurance.

Lighthouse Adventures Co. (Lighthouse Expeditions Pte. Ltd) recommends all participants and travellers to purchase travel insurance of sufficient coverage during the period of travel, as soon as possible, after the confirmation of a trip. For participants engaging in scuba diving activities, travel insurance that includes cover of up to a depth of 30 metres, while taking part in scuba diving activities, is mandatory.

It is also strongly recommended to have additional diving specific insurance coverage, where necessary, especially when engaging in activities that may exceed the standard cover provided by travel insurance, such as diving in overhead environments, or technical decompression diving.

Lighthouse Expeditions Pte. Ltd. reserves the right to deny a participant from taking part in activities or travelling, upon failure to produce proof of eligible and valid travel insurance coverage upon departure. Should a participant be unsure of which travel insurance coverage be sufficient, Lighthouse Expeditions Pte. Ltd will be able to provide a recommendation.