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Diving in Singapore

Experience the ultimate luxury — a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city, right into the silent depths of the sea! Who would have thought that despite the bustling city and ever-busy shipping lanes, one would be able to enjoy a scuba diving experience in Singapore?

The natural beauty of Singapore

As much a bustling city as it can be, Singapore offers wonderful nature experiences within the highly urbanised environment on the island. Tranquillity can be found in the Southern Islands of Singapore, just a short boat's ride away from the main Island of Singapore. A hotspot for scuba divers is Pulau Hantu.

Excellent Macro diving

Despite the limited visibility, many divers and underwater photographers fall in love with the unequalled opportunities to capture beautiful but tiny marine life underwater, in what is known in the diving community as "macro" diving — for the use of macro lenses on their cameras to capture these tiny marine critters.

Details of the trip

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