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Cheong Mei Yan

What's your favourite dive site? I love telling people about this site! It's got to be the Japanese Wreck in Amed, Bali. I love looking at colourful reefs, and this site is no exception. The corals are soft and pink, resembling the sakura in Japan. It's super beautiful and you can dive there even with an Open Water cert - it's not deep! What's the best diving story you have to tell? Let's hear it! So we're on a trip in Anambas, and I was doing my Rescue Diver course. My victim (who happened to be Orange) was doing a great job pretending to be unconscious. Until a whale shark appeared, of course. We momentarily paused the drill, admired the gentle giant who was barely an arm's length away from us, cheered in excitement at the wondrous sight... before she promptly lost "consciousness" again! When I'm not diving, I'm... Other than photosynthesising in the sun in my spare time, I teach yoga! You'd be amazed how much the breath helps you calm down underwater. It's like meditation on land and meditation underwater.

Elwin Tan

What's your favourite dive site? My favourite so far has got to be Tulamben in Bali as I am more of a macro person and love looking at and taking pictures of tiny critters. Plus point - it is really nearby and the food is both cheap and good with a relaxing atmosphere. A great option for a weekend getaway! What's the best diving story you have to tell? Let's hear it! Not exactly a diving story but I got to know my wife-to-be through one of my students on a dive trip. You never know what surprises diving can bring you 😊 When I'm not diving, I'm... Running around chasing after little kids. (We looked into it guys, he works in the early childhood sector. It's not what you think.)

Xu Weili

What's your favourite dive site? Definitely Barracuda Point at Sipadan! The amount of fishes (schools of them, by the way), turtles, and sharks there are amazing 😊 What's the best diving story you have to tell? Let's hear it! Haha, this is a good one! It’s got to be the (multiple) times I've been left behind because I was too focused on taking photos 😂 One time it happened, we were in shallow waters on a site recee, and the local divemaster was more concerned than the rest of my buddies (to be fair, they know I'm trained to navigate back to them... but still)!! Also, this is why you listen to the dive briefing, guys! Any hidden talents we don't know about? I have a PhD in Immunology... and I also make a mean ice milo at my dad's traditional coffee stall from time to time! Ask Meiyan, she's an avid fan!

Lim Chee Siong

Why did you start diving? Honestly... because carrying sophisticated gear and jumping into the deep blue sea seemed so cool! I was also fascinated with the toggling of a pressure gauge and breathing through a regulator - it seemed really unique as compared to other sports. What's the best diving story you have to tell? Let's hear it! It's got to be my first deep diving experience when I was doing my Advanced course. I could really see the colour lost over the depth as per what we learned during theory class. It was super interesting to discover just how big the ocean could be! Any hidden talents we don't know about? I work well with my hands... and can whip up super tasty dishes!

Jiraporn Ruengjaruwatana (Orange)

Why did you start diving? I was born and raised in Phuket, Thailand, which is an island surrounded by the Andaman Sea. The sea was my playground and I did everything from swimming to snorkelling, and of course, eventually, diving. Any hidden talents we don't know about? Haha, that's from a lifetime ago! I've done so many things, from Thai Dance, Ballroom Dance, Tae Kwon Do, playing the piano, and even the flute in a symphonic band. But please don't ask me to do any of these underwater now. What would you say to anyone thinking of picking up diving? Give yourself a chance to do something different - don't just write off diving because you think it's dangerous or scary... try it!