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Team Lighthouse

Francis Zhang

Dive Instructor

What's your favourite dive site?
No particular site. Every dive site is beautiful and every new dive at the same dive site has wonders to uncover. The serenity and the tranquillity I experience in every dive is my favourite "dive site" - just having the ability to take a step off the boat into a whole new world is amazing.

What is one quote you live by?
There is no "one-way" or "only way" to do things. When you start believing such, and insist on it upon others, behaving like an extremist.

What would you say to anyone thinking of picking up diving?
Go slow, take your time and calm your mind. The trick to enjoying your underwater experience would be to be at peace with the new environment that you are now immersed in. By taking your time, you are better able to react right to the scenario - so go slow, and enjoy the experience!

Francis teaches SDI recreational diving and dive professional level courses, as well as the full suite of FRTI first responder courses.

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