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Team Lighthouse

Xu Weili, PhD

Assistant Instructor

What's your favourite dive site?
Definitely Barracuda Point at Sipadan! The amount of fishes (schools of them, by the way), turtles, and sharks there are amazing 😊

What's the best diving story you have to tell? Let's hear it!
Haha, this is a good one! It’s got to be the (multiple) times I've been left behind because I was too focused on taking photos 😂 One time it happened, we were in shallow waters on a site recee, and the local divemaster was more concerned than the rest of my buddies (to be fair, they know I'm trained to navigate back to them... but still)!! Also, this is why you listen to the dive briefing, guys!

Any hidden talents we don't know about?
I have a PhD in Immunology... and I also make a mean ice milo at my dad's traditional coffee stall from time to time! Ask Meiyan, she's an avid fan!

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