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Yeo Ching Yee

Lifestyle Consultant

Why did you start diving?
Interestingly enough, it wasn't actually my decision... It was my dad who wanted to try diving. He needed a bit of assurance because he's not predominantly English speaking, so I was just tagging along to help him out. Looks like it was a good decision!

What's the best diving story you have to tell? Let's hear it!
There was once we were hunting dolphins (on cameras of course) in the Red Sea, but at one point it felt more like we were the ones getting hunted by them. They swam past us so fast, I almost missed it! Sigh... I will always remember that experience.

What would you say to anyone thinking of picking up diving?
Stay calm, listen to instructions, and do your best not to flail about. The fishes will say hi!

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